Copy and Personality Rights Protective Services

Safeguarding Rights in the Digital World

85% of all images online are used without a related license. VAAAM protects what is legally yours!

Copy and Personality Rights Protective Services

Safeguarding Rights in the Digital World

85% of all images online are used without a related license. VAAAM protects what is legally yours!

The world’s most powerful solution to protect copy and personality rights

Content creators and rights owners have lost control over their assets. Legal infringements processes are slow and costly. We take away the hassle and give back what’s rightfully yours.


Securely store your assets

Store and manage your assets in one centralized ledger. Unlock the easiest way to manage your entire portfolio in one safe place.


Find illegally used assets online

Our in-depth data analysis and case curation processes give you an overview of your assets’ use online. Get back what’s rightfully yours.


Simplify legal efforts

We provide easy-to-use, automated legal actions, and responses. Our global legal network pursues your interests to the fullest extent if needed.


Get paid faster, hassle-free

No more back-and-forth over getting paid. Receive payments from resolved infringement cases regularly and directly into your bank account.

Everything you need to manage your visual assets

Our smart algorithms and effective processes solve commercial, reputational, and editorial infringement cases for content creators and public figures.







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What our clients say

The diligent and helpful team makes the process of dealing with what are sometimes quite complex copyright issues, a painless and profitable exercise.

Lee Dalton,

I love that I am not faced with hundred of weak matches to sort through. It’s also lovely to have payments arriving in my bank account. I couldn’t ask for more.

Damien Lovegrove,

VAAAM has made our life so much easier by providing us an easy way of monitoring the illegal use of images and reaching out on behalf of our clients where there is unlicensed use.

Gudrun Wronski,

We protect what is rightfully yours

VAAAM is a LegalTech company that allows content creators and rights owners to document their assets and monitor, identify, and resolve associated copy and personality rights infringements. 

We are headquartered in Switzerland with an additional office in Berlin. Our advanced technology is built by our international team in Germany. We provide services in over 44 countries worldwide.

Staying in control of your visual assets just got simpler

Step 1

Register and upload your images

After receiving access, create an account, log in and securely upload the images to your asset vault.

Step 2

Our system searches your assets online

Our smart crawlers search where your assets are used online. You get a list of curated findings with the best chances for success.

Step 3

Review findings and initiate action

Review the curated cases and choose the ones you want us to pursue. We contact unlicensed users and start the post-licensing process.

Step 4

Earn revenues from settled cases

After a settled case, you receive the payments directly into your bank account. Start increasing your regular revenues today!

Start managing your visual assets

Here is everything you need to know about our plans and services. Our team is ready to discuss which solution can help you.


Essential Protection

Store and manage your visual assets with our core set of features, and find illegally used assets online.

Action-based fees

Standard Legal Support

Get extra legal support from our experts for legal assessments, case reports, and licensing.

Settlement-based fees

Premium Legal Support

Get advanced support from our global legal network that pursues your interests to the fullest extent if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about VAAAM

We are not publicly displaying your visual assets anywhere or share them with any third party. All your assets are securely stored and managed in a centralized ledger that only you and our legal team can access.

Our case curation service pre-classifies and filters findings that have the highest probability of success. This process  helps reduce your work load by prioritising cases that:

  1. Are legally and commercially viable.
  2. Focus on images where the user can be identified.
  3. Occur in our areas where the probability of collection is highest.
Post-licensing is when we reach out to the image user in good faith to notify them that our client could not find a record of a license for their use. A post-license, or retroactive license, covers a usage that has already occurred. Suppose someone hasn’t already got a license to use an image or other copyrighted work. In that case, post-licensing will help resolve the unlicensed use without the need to engage in legal proceedings.
In case of no response or resolution, one of our legal partners takes over communication to settle the case before any court action. If that does not deliver the preferred result, the case proceeds to the court.
A case cycle usually lasts between 15 days to 3 months. Still, it may take longer depending on the phase and cooperation from the infringer.

We use a number of image recognition and web-crawling technologies to maximize search results. Our smart web crawlers search millions of websites globally to collect active data about the usage of an image online.

VAAAM provides services in over 44 countries worldwide and is expanding rapidly.

Get the best solution to protect your visual assets.

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