Meet the Team

We are headquartered in Switzerland, and our advanced technology is built by our international team in Germany.

Benedikt von Dohnanyi

Founder, CEO

Boyan Angelov


Wolfgang Streit

Founder, Executive Board Member, Finance

Manuel Bender

Head of Business Development

Franz Biener

Head of Case Management

Marko Kolarek

Head of Data

Maurvee Sharma

Community and Sales Manager

Berk Güldiken

Backend Developer

Simon McCormack

Legal Operations Manager

Albaalah Waqaar

Fullstack Developer

Rizka Rachmawati

Finance and Accounting Manager

Vaishnavi Kand

Data Engineer

Reuben Walker

Senior Case Manager

Suchanya Pikulkao

Case Producer​​

Teerasak Charoenkittirak

Case Producer

Upatcha Chaikaew

Case Producer​

Stephanie Mitjaew

Legal Support Intern

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